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You may remember Semma and Mario from their beautiful garden maternity session from last September.  Their baby boy Marcelo was born in November and I was honored to do his newborn photos when he was about four weeks old.  He is bright eyed and so handsome, and his mama and papa just love him :)

Sweet Zachary was nearly a month old when I had the privilege of meeting him and his awesome parents, Deborah and Adam.  They are wonderful people, very warm and inviting, and they are so filled with joy when they look at their son.  The photos of Deborah and Zachary are some of my very favorites I’ve ever taken, because the love in her eyes when she looks at Zachary is so amazing.

Thank you, Deborah and Adam, for welcoming me into your home.  I hope I get to see you and Zack again soon!

A couple of months ago I spent a lovely fall afternoon with Cecilia and her two adorable kids, Ryan, age 4, and Emma, who was almost 1.  This was another very relaxed, simple session that I just loved.  We enjoyed the sunshine in their rose garden, blew some bubbles and had a great time.  Ryan and Emma are so sweet together, both very active and outgoing.  Cecilia is an awesome, doting mom, and her little boy and girl adore her.

Thank you all for spending the afternoon with me :)


I met Amanda and Chuck when my daughter was in the same toddler program as their son, Oliver.  I have rarely met a couple who are so head over heels in love with their son.  Don’t get me wrong, every family I know dotes on their child, but Amanda and Chuck love Oliver to the moon and the stars and it shows.  They both just light up when they look at him.

I was so honored when Amanda asked me to do a family session with them this past November, as well as her maternity session the next month.  They are expecting baby boy #2 very soon!  He is one very lucky little boy to be joining such a loving family.

We had a great time and I was super happy with the shots I got, but I was absolutely touched and thrilled with Amanda’s response after she saw them:  “Miranda! We just looked at the pictures. I’m overwhelmed with how amazing they are. You are a true talent!!! You really capture the essence of our family in a way no one else has. I am so blessed to have met you and can’t wait to do many more photo shoots with you in the future! “.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that that made my day :)

Anne is a good friend of mine, another lovely mama I met through my MOMS club.  We went around and around about where to do her family’s photo session – park?  beach?  Old Town Pasadena?

Finally she wrote me and said, “You know, we love our backyard.  We feel comfortable here and the girls love to play back there.  We’re thinking simple.”  So that’s what we did.  And it was perfect.  It was so them, just a family having fun together at home.  They have a beautiful yard, and they love each other so much and have a great time together.  They blew bubbles, wrestled on the grass and cuddled and were just themselves.

Simple.  Perfect :)