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Last week I was extremely lucky to attend a photography workshop led by Barb Uil of JinkyArt Photography.  Barb and her team came all the way from Canberra, Australia.  Barb is an AMAZING photographer known for her unique, whimsical style and the way she is able to paint with natural light to create a beautiful photograph.  I had been looking forward to the workshop for months and was not disappointed!  As a bonus, the workshop was hosted at the home of Lori Dorman, a wonderful maternity photographer here in Los Angeles.  I feel so fortunate to have met two such impressive and inspiring photographers.

For three (very busy!) days, I was a part of a group of amazing women who have dedicated themselves to capturing life through a camera lens and who want to tell a story with their photography.  We are not satisfied with simply putting people in front of a camera and telling them to say “cheese”.  We listened intently as Barb spoke of her vision and the path that has led her to her unique style and her enormous success as a family and child photographer.

We had a number of shoots on the second day, with Barb instructing us on how to use only available light, both inside and outside.  It was difficult, with so many of us jockeying for the best position, the best light, the best shot.  But it was also exhilarating, learning so much and then being able to put those lessons into practice.  I was the newbie of the group, and the other women there were so generous with their knowledge and expertise.  I met some wonderful women who I hope to call my friends for years to come.  Plus, one of the shoots was at a ranch with HORSES.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!

I came home exhausted but inspired and excited to try out some new ideas for my photography.  Barb told us again and again that the key to success is to find what makes your style unique, to do what you love to do.  I can’t wait to move forward and grow with my skills and my business.

Thank you Barb and the JinkyArt team!

Here are some of the photos I took at the workshop:

  • Shauna - Great shots Miranda!!! Your tears must have been stress! Nothing to stress about here! Great to meet you!

  • miranda - Thanks Shauna! It was definitely stress and exhaustion. Brain overload for sure. It was wonderful to meet you, and thank you for your kind words of support. Best wishes to you and I hope we meet again one day!

  • Dana Pepper Bouton - These are great Miranda! I am in the process of catching up. I’ve posted two on facebook and also sent them to Barb. Would love your feedback!

    Hope all is well there in my old hometown! I went to Dixie Canyon Elementary, Milikan Jr High and Grant High School! I suppose Grant High isn’t the same as when I went there almost 30 years ago.

    Take care.


  • miranda - Thanks Dana!

  • Rachel Murrell - Beautiful shots.I am attending Barb’s workshop here in Australia next month and I am sooooo excited. Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

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