The Johnson Family – {Calabasas Family Photographer}

This week I had a sunset photo shoot at a beautiful park with the Johnson Family.  Sarah and I went to high school together (lo these many years ago!) and reconnected through Facebook, where she has very kindly complimented my family photos for a long time now.  It was great to meet her husband Matt and get to spend some more time with their daughter, Ellie.

Ellie is an amazing little girl.  She is so adventurous – the park where we met had this great big oak tree at the top of a big steep hill, and Ellie led the charge up to it.  She scrambled up that tree like it was nothing, then wanted to climb ANOTHER hill so she could find more trees!  In fact it was hard to get her OUT of the tree, but I was able to lure her down with the promise of bubbles :)  She definitely kept me on my toes, but it was such a great session.  I had a wonderful time capturing her spirit, and the love this family has for one another.

Thank you, Sarah and Matt and Ellie, for spending the afternoon with me.

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