“Slice of Life” – {I Heart Faces}

One of my favorite photography websites is I Heart Faces.  They have weekly photo challenges, tutorials, and a thriving online community of photographers (professional, aspiring and hobbyists).  I love it because I find it an endless resource for learning and inspiration.

This week, their photo challenge theme is “Slice of Life”, and I thought this photo I snapped of my husband and daughter would be a great contribution.  My husband is much better at doing our daughter’s hair than I am (go figure!), and many mornings he can be found getting her ready for school, putting her hair in ponytails or pigtails, snapping in a barrette or two.

I look at this photo and my heart just soars.  It’s such an everyday moment, but it captures perfectly what an amazing father my husband is – a big tough guy, covered in tattoos, doing his little girl’s hair :)


Edited to add: My photo was chosen as one of Angie and Amy’s Favorites of the week! Thank you so much! The other winners were just stunning, I am so honored to be among them :)  And thank you so much to everyone who commented – I am so grateful for your kind words!

  • gigi - I love this! I’m a sucker for a dad doing his little girl’s hair. Really beautiful moment you captured!

  • Katie - This is my FAVORITE!!! I can totally see how your heart would soar from this image- it’s perfect!! I love, love, love this!

  • Candy - Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!

  • Nicole - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! SOOOO adorable. Absolutley perfect!!!

  • Kimberly - Awesome! My favorite of all I’ve looked at so far in the challenge.

  • Heidi Huze - There is nothing cuter then a man doing his little girl’s hair….great shot

  • veronica - Beautiful moment!

  • Jen - Love it! My hubby also has tattoo-covered arms and it’s so cute to see him put bows in my little girl’s hair (or wear the bows himself!) Great capture.

  • julie - LOVE this!!! So sweet!

  • Laurie Endsley - Love this!! Love the daddy doing the little one’s hair. Great capture!

  • Hana - This is too sweet! It’s great to see daddies involved in the everyday life with their kids. My husband tries his best to do our 2 little girls hair as well. It’s not always perfect but its so sweet to watch! Great capture!

  • Jenni - this is so adorable!!! and i really like the lighting

  • Shannon - I LOOOOVE this one! Especially with the Dad doing her hair. So cute! Perfect moment!

  • Dion Seneca - This would be the winner if I were the judge. LOVE IT! (I wish my husband would take over the whole hair thing…lol!)

  • Heather Parker - Love this! I may need to show my husband this photo. Our daughter’s hair scares him~

  • Kristal - Wow! I love this picture. This is definitely one of my favorites I have seen thus far. So Precious!!

  • Kristal - I love this picture! This is definitely one of my favorites that I have seen this far in the contest. So Precious!!

  • Terry Lind - That is adorable! I love it. Awesome pic!!

  • Annie - I love this one!!! It’s such a simple moment, but so beautiful!

  • Gina - beautiful! i love to see moments like this…makes me smile. :)

  • Mandy - I love your entry and its by far one of my favorites! So adorable!

  • Diana - Great image! The lighting is fabulous and the real-life moment is perfect.

  • Brianne - This is sooo cute! Amazing job :)

  • Cindi - SWOON!

  • angie - LOVE THIS! I didn’t get a chance to look through all of the entries. This would have been the winner if I were judge. My husband has tattoos and does our girls’ hair too. You have just inspired me to get a shot of that since it will be something that can easily be forgotten when they are grown.

  • Susan - Oh, I just love what you captured!! Congrats on being mentioned. GREAT shot♥

  • Victoria - I really love this photo!! This is my fav. one of those mentioned on the winning list of iheartfaces. love. love.

  • Life with Kaishon - This picture is beyond adorable. So very, very sweet! I just love it.

  • Laura Metzger - Awwww! This picture is so awesome! I LOVE it! Congrats on the win!

  • Vera - Beautiful! That was exactly what I felt from this photo – what an amazing everyday moment that no doubt depicts an amazing relationship between dad and daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  • Happy - I ADORE this photo!! Of all the winners and honorable mentions on i heart faces, this was the only picture that made me gasp, stop and stare, and then made my heart melt. What a wonderful slice of life to capture!!

  • Mindy - My favorite of all the pics for slice of life! I couldn’t stop looking at it. Amazing! Well done. :)

  • Maureen - This is such a beautiful photo, it made me smile, lovely!
    Thanks for sharing a slice of your life,

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