Last weekend I spent a lazy afternoon hanging out with my girls in our backyard. We are so lucky that the weather has been so awesome; I feel terrible for people in colder parts of the country that have been stuck inside for months! Although, I think I would exchange some sunshine for some much needed rain here in Southern California.

I’ve been sick on and off since Thanksgiving and last weekend was the first time I really felt well again, with enough energy to really be playful with my girls. Áine was so happy to have me up and around that she even humored me and let me take her picture, which is a RARE occurrence these days!

And lest you think she is even slightly a serious, solemn child, these photos were taken about five minutes before :)

I can’t even believe that my little one is big enough to be climbing the slide to chase after her big sister, but here you go:

I love her dirty knees and her chubby little thighs. Where is my baby going? She’s being replaced by a kid!

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